Extension Project

  • The Property before it was extended and the verandas replaced
  • The existing verandas
  • Before the extension and new verandas
  • Work under way
    You can see the old roof timbers still in position and the new brick walls being built to form a double bedroom and bathroom extension. The existing roof was left in place until the walls were built.
  • Walls up
    With the walls up and the first coat of render applied we start to cut through into the existing house. Patio doors were fitted to provide security while the doorway into the house was prepared.
  • New columns
    The wooden roof was removed and a concrete roof made, supported by the new columns it blends well with the house design and of course will not have any rot problems.
  • New columns
  • New columns
  • Alpendre
    A smaller alpendre was also built to the same design over the kitchen door.
  • Rendering the extension
    The extension is rendered and the window surrounds made to match the existing house.
  • Two new verandas
    The two new verandas provide a maintenance free shaded area to enjoy outside dinning and views of the garden.
  • Spot the join?
    The roof is insulated and tiled. The extension was painted to match seamlessly with the rest of the house can you see the join?
  • The finished project
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