Swimming Pool Project

  • Typical pool
    Whatever type of pool you decide on its best to use professional help.
  • Indoor pools for use any time of year
  • Using the correct materials
    Unless the correct materials are used your pool will quickly deteriorate.
  • Digging out the pool
    The amount of earth removed can be very substantial. You will probably want it removing from your garden. The materials for building a pool are heavy and the weather here can be just too hot to work outside for northern Europeans.
  • Splash pool
    This 8 meter x 3 meter splash pool was partially set into the ground so that it could be given a good depth.
  • Taking shape
    You can see the slope of the pool floor and the deep end. The pool is rendered to take a liner. The pool edging stones are mocha crème marble given a hammered “non slip” finish.
  • Non-slip
    The "mocha creme" marble has been hammered to make it none slip. Vital for a pool surround.
  • Ready for the liner or tiles
    The pool surround sits on top of the pool liner retainer. This provides a neat finish and easy removal of the loner without disturbing the pool surround.
  • Finished pool
    This in ground pool also has a liner. There are wide range of colours available to suit all tastes.
  • White Liners
    White liners are gaining popularity as they make the water look pale blue
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