Swimming Pool project by Castelo Construction

  • The largest digger available locally was used excavate the pool due to the huge boulders lying just under the surface of the land. With a highly skilled operator the hole was dug and prepared for the pool position to be set out.
  • Sub screed and shuttering are positioned.
  • Reinforcing steel rods are woven together to provide a strong pool base.
  • Swimming pool walls taking shape the curved steps into the shallow end can be seen.
  • Walls are rendered smooth, the floor has just been laid. It's very important to get this job done by an expert. Any bumps will show up and ruin the look of the finished swimming pool.
  • Retaining walls are built to accommodate stairs, patios and garden levels.
  • The basic swimming pool is nearly complete, winter rain proves it can hold water!
  • We use a more nimble machine for garden landscaping.
  • A10
  • Work on the pool waits while all the landscaping is done.
  • Fan shaped stairs provide easy access to the pool patio and house.
  • A13
  • The pool machinery room is constructed under the patio. The ventilated door will keep everything inside dry.
  • A15
  • Confusing at first sight the pump and filter are positioned.
  • Depending upon the type of water treatment you choose, this is a chlorine system.
  • Topsoil in place.
  • We are ready for the liner to be fitted.
  • Underwater lighting tested. Underwater sound systems are also available.
  • A21
  • Steps fitted at the deep end.
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