Renovation Project

  • Original Stone House
    In this total refurbishment project we were faced with a couple of unusual problems. Firstly the access to the property was very poor. Just a foot trodden path around a big outcrop of rock. Which we blasted away to provide access and parking for a car to the rear of the house. Some of this rock was used in the extension of the house. To extend the house we had to remove entirely a central stone wall 600 mm thick and the entire west facing gable without the house falling down.
  • 3 D design
    The architect our clients chose had a 3d design program so they were able to see how the renovation would look when finished. Fortunately the finished project looks a lot better than the drawing !
  • The finished renovation
  • Where goats have trod
    The roof is off, the first floor is out and we are looking at the internal dividing walls. The ground floor where the animals were once kept is dug out. 100 years of goat muck - lovely!
  • Hard to envisage
    The west facing wall is rebuilt and the house extended to accommodate 3 double bedrooms and two bathrooms.
  • Solid and strong
    Internal brick walls and a reinforced concrete wall plate keep provide strength to the house.
  • Cover up
    The new roof is being made by hand, each piece selected and cut by a craftsman as the timbers of the roof will be expose real attention to detail is required.
  • A hint of Scandinavia
    Scandinavian pine (treated for wood worm and rot) is used to provide this attractive exposed timber roof. The roof is fully insulated of course.
  • Alpendre
    This attractive “alpendre” or roof on pillars provides dining shade for 8 or just a fantastic place to enjoy the view of over 30 kilometers.
  • The views
  • Beautiful setting
    New roof tiles ensure a trouble free and water tight roof.
  • French windows
    Large double glazed windows and doors let the light in and open up the house to the views
  • Louvre shutters
    Louvre shutters provide cooling breezes in the evening without letting flying insects in.
  • The dining area
  • Back to the 3D model
    The clients also wanted a large swimming pool built in the garden.
  • The pool is under way
    The base for the swimming pool is prepared.
  • Steps
    Broad steps, designed on site making easy access to the swimming pool.
  • Taking shape
    The shape of the pool can now be seen.
  • Almost done
    Swimming pool and patio finished ready for the pool liner and water.
  • Steps finished
    Steps finished to match the swimming pool patio.
  • The pool complete
    Positioning the pool ladder.
  • Perfect finish
    A dry stone wall provides the perfect feature to the pool area.
  • Finishing the inside
    Inside the house the walls are plastered and the floors are screeded ready for the tiles to be laid.
  • Bathroom
    The bathroom is tiled and the bath panel about to be tiled.
  • Internal stairs
    Internal stairs faced in mocha crème marble provide 'cool to walk on' luxury.
  • Service!
    The services are all located at the entrance to the property. The wall was faced in stone to match the house.
  • Finishing touches
    Doors, paint, central heating and lights. It’s a home at last!
  • Tiling
    Top quality tiling really makes a difference.
  • The “alpendre”
  • Rustic charm
    Exposed timbers inside and out provide continuity and rustic charm.
  • The kitchen
    A kitchen layout is chosen.
  • According to plan
    Almost finished, and looking fantastic. The large stone is exposed as it was too big to take out!
  • The drive
    Stairs to the veranda and the drive is cobbled in calçada to provide car access to the rear of the house.
  • Making the most of the view
  • Job done
    Finished, delighted clients, our team cleans up and moves on to the next project.
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