New Roof Project

  • New Roof project
    Changing a house roof to accommodate a dormer window, Velux roof windows or to realign the roof to give a more harmonious look to the building are very common tasks when renovating a property here in central portugal. Broadly speaking you have two types of roof construction which are widely used here. One is reinforced concrete T beams (vegas) and brick in fill to produce a roof which is fire proof, insect proof and very strong. Although not always waterproof ! The second method is a timber roof. Not the eucalyptus logs that we often see when opening up a problem roof.
  • Roof timbers are not treated, too light for purpose and having to be held up by a support.
  • Roofs may have been patched to repair a previous problem.
  • Sometimes roofs fail very quickly
  • The first thing to do is strip out the old roof and any ceilings if they are still in place.
  • Then we build a reinforced concreate ring beam to attach the roof to and strenghthen the walls.
  • Image
  • The roof timbers are placed. Soon the insulation will be installed.
  • The interior finish can be exposed beams with timber boarding above. Stained to a colour of your choice.
  • Different details can be incorporated into the roof design including trusses and purlins.
  • Interior.
  • Curved walls? Not a problem.
  • A traditional style with exposed roof joists.
  • Before.
  • After.
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