New Roof for a stone cottage/Bungalow

  • Here is the bungalow
  • The original stone cottage
    This attractive stone cottage was in desperate need of a new roof. The old one was leaking and becoming dangerously close to collapse through wood worm and rot. The original roof timbers pictured here were also far too thin to take the weight of the roof tiles this caused the old roof to sag adding to its woes.
  • The house had been extended and added to over the years.. We had to undertake some stone work to make one part of the house level with the rest.
  • Once the walls were level we installed a reinforced concrete ring beam to hold the walls in place and to fasten the roof to. This provides a level and square platform from which to start building the roof. In this case the Scandinavian pine has been treated with a micro-porous wood treatment in “Oregon Pine colour”
  • The rafters are erected and the roof boarded out.
    This to provide a large open space inside which offers plenty of freedom for adding rooms below or as a large open living area. Most important.
  • The roof is fully insulated.
  • Ensuring that even in the hottest days of the summer the house doesn’t turn into an oven.
  • Under side of roof.
  • The frost proof tiles in a traditional colour and style are then installed so that the new roof is strong, waterproof and insulated. It also has the advantage of being very attractive to look at.
  • Finished roof
  • New roof on bungalow: Done.
    New roof on bungalow: Done.
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