Topographical Surveys

Topographical surveys in Central Portugal

Topographical Surveys are carried out by a qualified surveyor using the appropriate surveying equipment. They normally can be arranged within two weeks of an enquiry. It then takes one week to plot the information onto AutoCad and print out or email the resultant plan.

A GoogleEarth map is often included showing the boundaries that were surveyed so that there are no doubts about the accuracy of the plan.

The Topographical Surveys can be used to register the size of your property accurately and as they are produced by an independent engineer they are trusted as correct when used in registrations.

Architect services in Central Portugal

If you are having an architectural planning project drawn then a Topographical Survey will undoubtedly be done as part of the overall drawing package and it in fact act as the base information from which a plan is developed.

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View a Topographical survey in PDF format here.

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