Windows project

  • Creating new openings in ancient stone walls held together with only soil and gravity provide at best a challenge for DIY builders at worst could prove to be fatally dangerous. This is a job for professionals.
  • With the opening for a window roughly cut we can cast the reinforced concrete lintel and under sill support. The stones that were removed are kept to be used to finish the window shape ensuring the new window blends in to the existing building.
  • Seen from the inside this new window will be finished with plaster to match the rest of the room.
  • This window has the reveals finished in stone to complete the desired rustic feel of the property.
  • Windows cut and ready to be pointed so that they merge into the existing stone wall.
  • Almost ready for the windows and shutters.
  • A new kitchen window finished with plaster on the internal surface.
  • Stone window sills, double glazed aluminium windows in the traditional local colour are having the external shutters fitted.
  • Job done ! The result is a light airy feel to what was once a very dark building.
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